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Life is one fool thing after another
Whereas love is two fool things after each other.
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1st-Apr-2008 11:25 am(no subject)
Happy (April) Fool's day! I decided to make it my official day of celebrating the Fool ;)..
19th-Oct-2006 07:37 am - Studio Model: Red Fool
pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku

Red Fool
Red Fool

I'm pleased with this. I think he looks good red! It was fun working with the butterfly suit, too. It's a bit OTT but what the hell!

18th-Oct-2006 12:43 pm - OMFG CRACK!

The rest of this month until the end of November is Enrage Robin Hobb Month Time... thing at the forums that don't exist. Think of the silliest, crackiest, most graphic Hobb fanfiction you can-- and then write it. You can submit your story on the forums that still don't exist, or you can email them to me at wingedmenace@yahoo.com, subject titled "Enrage Robin Hobb Month" or "Crackfic."
And yes, it is a desperate attempt to keep the forums that have never existed alive.

The stories do not have to be long or well-written (though decent spelling and grammar are still reccomended. It's Enrage Robin Hobb Month, not Enrage the Grammar Nazis Month). The author of the crackiest story will receive a FREE JOURNAL from the forums that don't exist's sponsor (which happens to be me)!


Because face it, Robin Hobb is beautiful when she's angry.

Contest entries will be accepted until November 30th; Stories must be a minimum of 500 words. The crackier the better, but overdone silliness is not what'll win you this contest. Insane is easy; funny is hard.


If you do not yet have access to the forums that don't exist, or you've found you've been deleted in the last activity check, email me for the password and go and register a name!
6th-Oct-2006 05:56 pm - New 3D model: Golden With Tattoo
pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku

Golden With Tattoo
Golden With Tattoo

Again, another Hobb model.This was a huge project and took me about six weeks to put together. The tattoo is hand drawn and grafted onto an invisible catsuit.

1st-Sep-2006 02:37 pm(no subject)
pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku

Fool's tattoo  
Fool's tattoo

Would this work as the Fool's tattoo if I can get it onto his skin texture?

30th-Aug-2006 02:25 pm - Help!
pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku
Hi there everyone.

I'm trying to find a good, clear picture of the Fool's tattoo so I can make a texture of it. Does anyone have/have seen one?
24th-Aug-2006 06:10 pm - Hobb fanlistings
short introduction to fanlistingsCollapse )
Here are the currently TFL-listed fanlistings related to all things Hobb. If you're interested or even curious, join away to show your support.

Authors & Writers:
Robin Hobb (oh noes! Eddings is leading over a hundred! ;))

Characters Book & Movie:
Burrich (this one seems to be pretty dead so there might not be much point in filling those forms...)
Verity (please note that this is a NEW one)
The Fool (covers all the facets - you're all listed here, right? ;))

Relationships, Book & Movie:
Fitz and the Fool
(someone should start one for Althea/Brashen!)

Farseer trilogy
Assassin's Quest (the owner seems to be a bit confused with the books or something...)
Liveship Traders
Tawny Man

x-posting spamming to buckkeep, hobblings, fitz_is_stupid, a_fool_too_late
24th-Aug-2006 05:31 pm - New Studio Model: Golden
pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku

New Studio Model: Clotheshorse! Golden  
New Studio Model: Clotheshorse! Golden

I know! It's just another clotheshorse!Golden. But I really like that robe and I've just figured out how to pose it properly so you're going to be heartily sick of it by the time I get bored with it!


20th-Aug-2006 10:04 pm - Sex.
"Wait. I see. You imagine that I have never known intimacy of that sort. That I have been 'saving myself' for you." He gave a contemptuous snort. "Don't flatter yourself, FitzChivalry. I doubt you would have been worth the wait."
--Golden Fool,

The question is simple: If not Fitz, who?
(note: this poll, like most of my posts, is not meant to be taken seriously.)

Fool's FirstCollapse )


[end transmission]
10th-Aug-2006 03:41 pm - Fool love
First of all, I've really missed the weekly Fool trivia questions even though I'm not an expert (I've only read the books once!).. It was lovely to read the questions & answers nevertheless.

I also wish to ask you all a question I've been thinking about a lot lately. Why do you love Fool so much? What makes him so adorable? I admit he is the most wonderful character I've ever seen in any books. And I have quite deep ponderings on why he captured my heart like he did. I'll write about my ponderings later but I'd love to hear your opinions & thoughts on it. What makes Fool so special? (Except for that he's Fool ;))
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