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Life is one fool thing after another
Whereas love is two fool things after each other.
Hobb fanlistings 
24th-Aug-2006 06:10 pm

So, what's the deal with those fanlistings, you might have asked yourself (or someone else) at some point.
It's a very simple concept: a list of fans. It's like a web clique, or a web ring, except that you don't have to own a website and put a code up (but if you do have a site, it is considered polite to link back if you submit an url). Things get a bit more complicated - and organized when we mention thefanlistings.org - it's a community and site that lists and categorizes fanlistings and "approves" them: you have to meet certain criteria to get listed there (update the site regularly etc).
So what's the point? Well, declaring your passionate love about anything and everything. Connecting with likeminded people. Being obsessed. Displaying cute buttons in your website/livejournal profile. Getting addicted to the stuff and having fun.
From a fanlisting owner's point of view: it's nice to see the member count rising and compare the numbers from "biggest" countries. For a long time, there was a tough "competition" between Finland and Australia at my Hobb fl. :D) There are also "awards" for reaching certain number of listed fans such as 250, 500, 1000... etc. The biggest fanlisting (if it hasn't been beaten, which I doubt) is for 0rl1 with over 26 000 listed fans. Also, there's something like 44 000 different fanlistings listed at TFL currently, so it's a quite big phenomena.
Any questions? Fire away, and I'll try to answer. :)

Here are the currently TFL-listed fanlistings related to all things Hobb. If you're interested or even curious, join away to show your support.

Authors & Writers:
Robin Hobb (oh noes! Eddings is leading over a hundred! ;))

Characters Book & Movie:
Burrich (this one seems to be pretty dead so there might not be much point in filling those forms...)
Verity (please note that this is a NEW one)
The Fool (covers all the facets - you're all listed here, right? ;))

Relationships, Book & Movie:
Fitz and the Fool
(someone should start one for Althea/Brashen!)

Farseer trilogy
Assassin's Quest (the owner seems to be a bit confused with the books or something...)
Liveship Traders
Tawny Man

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