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Life is one fool thing after another
Whereas love is two fool things after each other.
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10th-Jul-2006 09:54 am - Farseer Role Playing Game
pic#86448460 CodeGeass-Suzaku



Hello people! *waves madly*


I know several of you will receive this message more than once. We apologize for that but since we are trying to reach the whole fandom we hope that you will bear with us. I’ll put it behind a cut so as to make it as painless as possible.


26th-Jun-2006 01:53 pm - I cannot repay you with coin.
MONDAY means real questions!
(I apologize if any of you were confused or horrified at the "fake" questions that I posted last week. I thought you'd think they were funny. Apparently you don't.)

How will you repay me if not with coin?Collapse )
24th-Jun-2006 11:07 am(no subject)
So. This is just me rambling, because I never can keep my mouth shut, and none of my friends care.

Musings on the Fool's gender...Collapse )

So, people, opinions?
23rd-Jun-2006 07:16 pm(no subject)
This is flusterdance's friend giving you answers to this week's (fake) questions of greatfulness because she is incapacitated...

The answers!Collapse )

The winner's circle is empty.

flusterdance should be back on Monday to give you real questions. Yay.
19th-Jun-2006 11:52 am - Er.

I would like to take this time to sincerely apologize for being such a scatterbrained mod. I was too busy posting my ugly mug on the internet to remember to get the answers to you guys. So, feel free to flame me.

In the meantime, here are last week's answersCollapse )

This weeks winner's circle:
and an Anon Y. Mouse who neglected to tell me its name. Squeak?

Honorable mention for three out of four:
agonized_blur, who has a very amusing username.

And now, as a sort of apology for being such a fool moron, some tricky questions for this week.

Book FourCollapse )

Good luck, and see you Friday (hopefully.)

EDIT: Dumb LJ. htmling fixed.
13th-Jun-2006 10:26 am - I am a man, but...
Here in Lands Unknown, love is plentiful, and the tequila wine flows like water. Unfortunately, internet access is scarce, for it is guarded by a most fearsome beast: forgetfulness. Of all who come here, none have returned.
(Translation: I was so busy running around and wrestling and making out with my friends, I forgot about the questions. Lucky for you guys, celestial_spy was kind enough to remind me of my responsibilities. ^^;)

I am a man.Collapse )

Good luck; see you on Friday.

EDIT: If you are going to comment anonymously, you have to tell me who you are, or else I... don't know who you are. Thanks!
9th-Jun-2006 01:14 pm - Speak so? Speak, sow.
Friday~! And before I get on a bus bound for Lands Unknown, I present to you the answers to this week's trivia questions.

the answersCollapse )

Our winner's circle this week is... empty! Horror!
Honorable mention for three out of four right:
moon_glows, and her interesting icon.

On Monday I hope to give you some more questions from Assassin's Apprentice.
Men and kingdoms come and go, but Trivia Monday remains.
Maybe we should go to Robin Hobb for some harder trivia questions. For now, though, I hope this set is a good mix of easy, medium and hard.

Did you change your sheets afterwards?Collapse )

As always, questions, comments, praises or flames can be included in your answer comments. Good luck, and see you on Friday.
(NOTE: If my rampant, perverted references to Fitz/Fool slash are bothering anyone, please let me know. I'll put up a reminder on my monitor that says "please remember to not freak out forum members". ^_^)
EDIT: If you're going to post anonymously, you have to tell me who you are. Or else I... don't know who you are ^^;
Hey all:

I was tweaking the community's Userinfo this afternoon and saw something that made me giggle. If you're easily amused like me, you might get a kick out of it, too:

On the same note, does anyone have any ideas as to what to put in our Userinfo besides something like, "The Fool is so purdy tee hee"? Obviously we need community rules and the like, and I can take care of that (it's not like we have many rules anyway), but I was hoping someone could remember a witty, fool-centric passage or quote from the books that we could stick up there. Any ideas?
2nd-Jun-2006 01:11 pm - In this last dance of chance
A-ha, I remembered this time!
FRIDAY. *fanfare*

The AnswersCollapse )

Our winner's circle this week is occupied by duel_jetty, who had a question of her own: What's a Memorial Day? To answer, it is a national American holiday during which we honor fallen soldiers by having a barbeque. *salutes*

Honorable mention for three our of four correct:
and sporkess.

Congratulations, and Happy June. Hope y'all are having a good summer (or for those of you down under, a warm winter).
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